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David Carr, Senior Vice President – International at Helix Well Ops, will be hosting a session at the upcoming Offshore Well Intervention West Africa (OWI WA) which will look at the potential for light well intervention (LWI) in Africa

AdobeStock 134580493.jpg for oraOWI WA is arriving in Accra from 12-13 July. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Exclusively for attendees of the event, which is arriving in Accra from 12-13 July, Carr will examine examples of innovative LWI vessel based solutions for complex well integrity issues and production enhancement purposes that improve the efficiency of well intervention projects.

Despite the seemingly incredible benefits that can be achieved through the use of such vessels, there remains somewhat of a reluctance to make use of them in the West African region. However, with Covid-19 forcing oil companies to keep hold of capital wherever they can, LWI could provide a viable outlet by offering them the chance to achieve their offshore objects but at a much lower costDavid Carr Helix

Carr will continue the session by reviewing multi-service campaigns completed on an integrated vessel and how this can solve a variety of challenges operators face when embarking on intervention projects. 

Those attending OWI WA will then have the chance to engage in a discussion with the Helix representative to explore how collaboration with an international and multi-disciplinary team can lead to seamless operational efficiency. 

Such unique sessions are not to be missed by anyone involved in the African offshore industry or those interested in squeezing more from their offshore operations. To learn more, be sure to download the event brochure here:

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Project Manager

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