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THE ITALIAN CAPITAL, Rome, will play host to the Libya-Gas 2010 forum devoted to the review of guidelines and prospects in the gas industry, Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announced.

NOC said on its website the meeting which will be held from 28 to 30 June 2010, will focus on exploration, opportunities available in gas export promotion and harnessing technologies to get maximum oil and gas reserves.
The growth in the use of gas and energy production, use of technologies in the field of natural and liquid gas production and gas pipelines, as well as the opportunities and challenges the gas market in Europe is confronted with will be one of the main topics to debate in the forum.
Libya has reserves of natural gas estimated at 1,500 bcm. The country plans to produce 3.2 bcm of gas this year.
Libya acquired shares in December 2008 in the Italian hydrocarbon group Eni  to the tune of five per cent for a cost of US$3.6bn, which makes Libya the second biggest Eni shareholder, after the Italian Treasury which holds 37.8 per cent of the shares.
Libya is Italy's main energy supplier, providing 25 per cent of its oil needs and 33 per cent of its gas requirements.