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Simulator developer Drilling Systems has introduced a new financing option to make simulator technology more affordable for the oil and gas sector

Clive BattisbyClive Battisby, director of simulation operations at 3T Energy Group. (Image source: Stirling Communications)

Drilling Systems, which is part of the 3T Energy Group, has launched a new license-based pricing model which will cut the overall cost of entry-level simulator technology by more than half.

The new licensing option is available on a range of Drilling Systems’ products including the DrillSIM:5 and DrillSIM:20 Drilling and Well Control simulator models.

The DrillSIM:20 is accredited by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) for regulatory based well control certification.

These simulators are fully portable and allow crews to practise real-time drilling and well control operations in a safe environment so that they are better prepared for the real thing.

The new pricing strategy enables customers to pay a much lower upfront cost, and an annual licence fee includes all software upgrades and inclusive remote support. This eliminates the need for a large initial capital expenditure commitment and spreads the cost over a longer period.

Clive Battisby, director of simulation operations at 3T Energy Group, said, “3T’s aim is to transform the global training market through technology and we are constantly looking at innovative ways to help the oil and gas sector achieve greater efficiencies whilst improving safety.”

“We want to open up the option of simulator training to more oil and gas clients and have introduced this new finance model to help. Providing a licence option allows companies to own a simulator asset immediately for a significantly lower upfront cost with a licence for all software updates and remote support available for however long they need it,” he added.