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The African Energy Chamber has launched the African Coalition for Trade and Investment in Natural Gas (ACTING), a non-profit initiative jointly managed with Hawilti Ltd

Haiti gas coalitionThe coalition is set to provide major market data on African gas, and the research will be available on the Hawilti platform. (Image source: Gabe Raggio/Pixabay)

ACTING is expected to act as the central platform advocating for natural gas across Africa and will leverage on the core strengths of both the Chamber and Hawilti to promote natural gas as a transition fuel, attract capital in the African gas value-chain and engage stakeholders and societies on the benefits of natural gas consumption.

By leveraging on the chamber’s pan-African and global network, ACTING will gather leading experts, executives and policy makers around major issues pertaining to natural gas in Africa, from upstream exploration and production, midstream infrastructure, downstream monetisation and gas-to-power. The coalition focuses on all the benefits that a broader adoption of natural gas can bring to Africans, especially when it comes to securing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, creating jobs and supporting industrialisation.

The work of the coalition will particularly focus on the collection of crucial market data and the distribution of high-quality information on opportunities, companies and projects shaping up the future of African gas. By offering the most comprehensive platform on African energy, Hawilti will be dedicating a substantial part of its investment research activities to natural gas in West, Central, East and southern Africa.

“With the launch of ACTING, we have made it a priority to gather, develop and distribute the most updated data on natural gas and develop true ESG reporting practices on African energy markets to inform policy and promote sound investment,” stated Mickael Vogel, director at Hawilti.