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IN A RECENT interview, Victoria Oil & Gas' Executive Director, George Donne, said the company is targeting first sales of gas by mid 2010 at its Logbaba gas project in Cameroon.

"We are targeting the first sales of gas in the middle of this year…if the drilling goes well and we can get everything in line with the administration in terms of approval of the pipeline and processing facility, and an exploitation license," Donne was quoted as saying.
Specifically, the company plans to invest as much as US$40mn in a gas processing plant and 12-km pipeline that will feet gas exports to Douala, Cameroon.
"We plan to put in a gas processing plant at the project site and construct our own pipeline which will run from our site down to the industrial area in Douala where we have a number of customers," Donne told Reuters.
Discovered in the 1950s by Elf SEREPCA, which drilled four gas-bearing exploration wells, the Logbaba field was taken over by VOG in May 2009 in an effort to harness the field's promising gas supplies to meet increasing demand in Douala. Initially, three of the four discovery wells tested at 5-20mmcfd.