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Tendeka, an independent global completion service company, has joined OSIsoft EcoSphere, a collection of more than 300 industry leaders who provide PI systems products, applications and services

Tendeka Andy NelsonAndy Nelson, a senior software engineer with Tendeka. (Image source: Tendeka)

The Aberdeen-headquartered company will provide downhole monitoring, analysis and product modelling to support customers in their strategies for digital transformation and integration.

These data sources enabled by Tendeka will bolster the value of the existing real-time information currently being stored by oil and gas customers in their PI systems. The PI system enables customers to clean, analyse and visualise these data in order to discover real-time actionable insights.

Andy Nelson, a senior software engineer with Tendeka, said, “Today, oil and gas producers are being bombarded with an ever-increasing volume of digital data from fibre optic systems to IoT sensors and devices.

“More of this information is being processed in the field as edge-analytics comes into play. In the downhole environment, this edge decision making is affording the producers the ability to start optimising their assets in a real-time manner.”

To help producers achieve real-time optimisation and production efficiency, Tendeka provides a family of industry-leading hardware and software solutions that include inflow control; monitoring; production analysis and modelling; as well as cutting-edge downhole wireless communication.

The partnership will allow customers of OSIsoft’s PI System to deploy solutions across their downhole operating environments, including thousands of industrial and oil and gas producers worldwide, and to take advantage of constantly evolving digital oilfield technologies.

Annabel Green, chief technology officer with Tendeka, stated, “Integration with third-party systems, IoT devices and platforms like the OSIsoft PI System is integral to overcome the operational challenges faced in today’s industry and accelerate our software offering to solve future issues. This successful integration solution will reinforce the producers’ investment strategies.”

Patti Sullivan, director cloud, channel and community North America at OSIsoft, said, “This solution will enable users to gain better and new levels of production analysis, while also setting their businesses up for success with future digital transformation initiatives.”