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Latest release of reservoir modeling system enables users to maximize reservoir performance, regardless of geology, location or complexity.

Emerson Process Management have launched the Roxar RMS 2010, the latest release of the reservoir modelling system RMS™ which comes with major improvements across the entire workflow.

Within the Roxar modeling suite, users can build models for any reservoir. They can also estimate reserves, plan wells and simulate past and future production. In this way, they can do everything they need to produce maximum performance from their

Key features of RMS 2010 include: the New Well Correlation System, the Enhanced Structural Modelling Tool and the RMS 3D Gridder

The market leading Property Modeling Tools in RMS have also been further extended in RMS 2010 to include Multipoint Statistics and improved methods for combining seismic interpretations with the advanced modeling algorithms in RMS to achieve unique data-matched models.

"Today’s release is about one key goal – making RMS 2010 the best decision-making tool in reservoir management," said Ordin Husa, Managing Director of Roxar Software Solutions. "I believe we have achieved this, creating an even more intuitive and high performance modeling workflow. RMS 2010 not only provides increased accessibility to users of all skills levels, but also has the correlation, modeling and gridding capabilities to handle all types of geologies."

Roxar’s flagship reservoir modeling solution, RMS comprises 13 fully integrated software modules, including mapping, reservoir modeling, well planning, reservoir simulation and uncertainty modeling tools. RMS 2010 will continue to operate on Linux 64-bit, Windows XP and the Vista 32 and 64-bit platforms, as well as Windows 7 64-bit.