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Brady Corporation, a safety equipment manufacturer, is offering guidance and support to customers with Lockout/Tagout programme

SafeKey Cable app06 lowresBrady engineers also help identify energy control points on-site and write best practice machine specific lockout procedures. (Image source: Brady)

Brady’s complete Lockout/Tagout solution includes innovative padlocks with elaborate key planning, dedicated lockout devices, practical software and great services including energy control point identification and best in class procedure writing.

These are:

-Innovative SafeKey padlocks: Achieve the safest Lockout/Tagout procedures during maintenance operations. With 100 000+ unique keys, the locks can support large, company-specific key hierarchies in which no two locks can be opened with the same key.

-Dedicated lockout devices: Brady’s wide range of devices can block any energy source to neutralise machinery and increase intervention safety.

-Practical procedure software: Easily introduce, approve or edit, scale and communicate machine-specific Lockout/Tagout procedures.

-Great Lockout/Tagout services: Brady engineers help identify energy control points on-site and write best practice machine-specific lockout procedures.

Where do you want to take your lockout programme?

Discover a complete range of locks, devices and accessories for Lockout/Tagout!