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Honeywell has announced a new software solution to help industrial plant operators and safety managers monitor in real time the exposure of workers to gas, weather and certain physiological conditions to help prevent incidents and respond quickly to emergencies

DahsboardHoneywell’s Safety Suite features a device manager offering that supports major gas detector maintenance tasks. (Image source: Honeywell)

Honeywell’s Safety Suite Real Time platform, which integrates into plant operations, connects wirelessly to gas detection devices to enable centralised monitoring of assets and workers. The software helps eliminate manual processes, assists with regulatory compliance, maximises accuracy and efficiency and minimises safety costs.

Safety managers can use the platform to monitor workers on the job site and view gas readings, alarms, compliance statuses and more on a map-based display viewable from the command centre or any internet-connected device. The solution enables fast, informed decision-making and is designed for easy implementation, either through cloud-based or on-premise software and scales according to operational needs.

Renaud Mazarguil, president for Honeywell’s Gas Analysis and Safety business, said, “In addition to Honeywell connected products, the software can be extended to other partner solutions. We are providing site operators with a single, centralised view of their safety operations and helping improve workplaces.”

Safety managers can track live situations as they occur, determine personnel locations, detect problems early to help avoid bigger problems and immediately notify workers to clear the area via SMS messaging. Safety Suite Real Time is compatible with Safety Communicator from Honeywell, an app that is available for use with smartphones of both industrial and non-industrial grade.

This feature allows command centres to receive data from workers’ instruments via Bluetooth, view remote worker locations and receive alerts on worker safety, all without the expense of a private network.

In addition to gas monitoring, Honeywell ThermoRebellion temperature monitoring solution is supported by the Safety Suite Real Time. The software will provide users with a dashboard and analytics for temperature monitoring which can be used to alert personnel to seek medical screening or advice.

Safety Suite Real Time allows for data integration with third-party applications such as decision control systems, public warnings and predictive analytics systems.

Honeywell’s Safety Suite features a device manager offering that supports major gas detector maintenance tasks, including firmware updates and bump testing, and provides centralised device monitoring for simplified reporting. The data and analytics are robust, allowing safety managers to review incident data to determine the time of exposure and to indicate which workers may have been affected.