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Software company InEight has announced the addition of interval planning capabilities for superintendents and foremen as it reintroduces InEight Basis as InEight Schedule

DanPattersonLarge1Dan Patterson, chief design officer at InEight. (Image source: InEight)

InEight Schedule combines Basis’ Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling interface that provides a balanced combination of artificial, human and risk intelligence at the program and project level with a new interval planning interface.

This interface adds easy-to-use, workforce planning functionality that captures execution intelligence to make future project plans even more realistic and achievable.

Dan Patterson, chief design officer at InEight, said, “Increasing project certainty requires the depth and breadth of knowledge from project planners and relies heavily on integrating this knowledge with insights from individuals who execute the work in the field.

“One benefit of having long- and short-term planning in a single tool is increased visibility. Project teams can quickly collaborate to resolve issues such as productivity slowdowns that can impact the project timeline.”

Drawing from the tasks, sequences and durations defined in the CPM plan, field superintendents and foremen can use InEight Schedule’s intuitive calendar view to schedule resources, assign workdays, see potential weather impacts and log work completed. Productivity rates can be used to plan work and, as the work progresses, measure real-time productivity and re-plan work accordingly. Valuable field execution data is retained in the knowledge library for future projects.

Planners using InEight Schedule can spend up to 40 per cent less time building plans and reduce the amount of time used in gathering team member feedback by up to 75 per cent. Project planning and scheduling are essential components of InEight’s Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) solution, which helps to reduce costs and schedule impacts, increase productivity and improve predictability for capital and construction projects.