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Energy services company Wild Well Control offers WellSharp Live: an IADC-approved distance learning training delivery option for all WellSharp Drilling and Well Servicing well control courses

worksite ltd MVA zlTQdSE unsplashWellSharp Live delivery will launch on 4 May. (Image source: WORKSITE Ltd./Unsplash)

WellSharp Live has been developed as a temporary solution to support ongoing training and learning in the oil and gas industry during the COVID-19 crisis.

The option allows for instructor-led delivery, an interactive learning environment, and real-time quality monitoring throughout the course. Online proctoring services will also be utilised during course assessments. When normal operations resume, WellSharp Live will revert to instructor-led, in-room classes as the only delivery option for WellSharp training.

Kenny Smith, vice-president, well control training at Wild Well, said, “Wild Well has invested heavily in both curriculum and instructor development in order to create the highest-quality courses under the IADC WellSharp programme.

“As one of the few accredited training providers in the industry, having issued 25 per cent of all IADC certificates worldwide, we are committed to adapting and enhancing our well control courses. The new WellSharp Live option ensures our WellSharp Drilling and Well Servicing well control courses will continue to be instructor-led and 100 per cent IADC-accredited during these extraordinary times.”

WellSharp Live delivery will launch on 4 May, with scheduling and registration open now.