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Drilling oil and gas wells company Weatherford International has won an exclusive four-year contract with Eni SpA

14199746831 7e010f3718 cRadio frequency identification-equipped downhole casing isolation valves aim to increase operational safety and reservoir performance. (Image source: edward stojakovic/Flickr)

The contract includes a minimum of 30 Non-Umbilical Downhole Deployment Valves (NU-DDV) that are used in major Eni wells to improve their operational security and deposit performance.

Dean Bell, president of drilling, evaluation and intervention at Weatherford, said, “This award is the result of two years of research and development collaboration with Eni to launch a downhole casing stop valve with Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID).

“The goal was to develop an innovative solution that could provide an independent downhole safety barrier that would complement the existing barriers and control unwanted formation runoff when triggered.”

For applications of the types MPD or UBD, NU-DDV covers the operator’s need for improved process reliability. This is done by mechanically isolating the surface from the reservoir when it is triggered and the source no longer has to be pumped to death.

The RFID valve eliminates external control line and clamping processes and thus ensures improved system reliability, shorter installation times and the removal of employees from the red area. NU-DDV eliminates swabbing effects and reduces the trigger time for improved operational efficiency.

“This agreement is in line with Weatherford and Eni’s efforts to continuously improve operational safety and environmental protection during drilling and completion from start to finish,” Dean Bell added.