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WITH THE ACQUISITION of Roxar ASA, Emerson Process Management has extended its services to include automation from reservoir to transmission in the upstream oil and gas operations.
"This acquisition is strategic to our solutions to help E&P owners meet the automation challenges of offshore subsea," says Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson Process Management. "Roxar's knowledge, technology, and services combine perfectly to expand Emerson's solutions."
"There is no overlap in technologies," says Gunnar Hviding, CEO and president of Roxar, at the Offshore Technology Conference today in Houston. "The technologies are complementary and the coupling (of Emerson and Roxar) makes sense going forward."
Emerson Process Management uses its PlantWeb technology to communicate with the process automation system. Roxar has a downhole network with an array of sensors.  "Roxar has the same approach as with Emerson's PlantWeb," says Hviding. "We can leverage off that similarity and add our own analytical models. Our mission, supercharged by this union, continues to be one of effectively solving E&P reservoir management problems and to help maximise production."
The combination also will enable the extension of Emerson's Predictive Intelligence approach into Roxar's areas of operation. This would make it possible to anticipate problems with instruments and processing, and give real-time diagnosis capability.