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The Effects of the ‘Green Revolution’and diesel technology which reduces emissions

Emissions, reduction, diesel, engines, cummins, generators, gensets, green, emissionsThe Effects of the ‘Green Revolution’and diesel technology which reduces emissions

The desire for future generations to breathe clean air, a commitment to regulatory compliance, plus the aspiration to be seen as a ‘green’ organisation, is driving a change in technology in the power generation industry. Diesel engines are becoming cleaner and greener.

Cummins Power Generation is at the forefront of emissions reduction in diesel engines and has invested heavily in developing new in-cylinder technology that reduces them at source, before being exhausted from the engine, thus enabling customers to comply with new directives. Richard Payne, manager European regulatory affairs, Cummins Power Generation comments:

“Unlike the automotive industry, which has been heavily regulated since the early 1990s, industrial power generation - in terms of stationary, non-stationary, mobile and standby generators - has come later. Political efforts have concentrated on areas, like automotive, where the greatest results can be quickly visible. The industry is pushing for consistent regulation. At Cummins, we know that any refinements in emissions result in overall improvements and efficiencies in engine design – and that’s good for end customers and owner/operators.”