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THE HAWKEYE IV communicates with the camera via a downlink, allowing the camera to be controlled via simple commands from the surface.

The downlink enables the video operator to control the ViewMax lighthead so switching from down view to side view and stopping or starting a rotation is accomplished with the press of a button rather than by voltage adjustment from the surface.

With another prominent enhancement, the tool can also be instructed to increase its frame acquisition rate from 1 fps (frames per second) up to 30 fps by selecting a turbo mode option. The images are then stored in the camera and transmitted by batch to the surface. The HawkEye IV camera can store 1,000 images and there is no limit to the number of turbo acquisitions during a survey.

The higher acquisition rates are particularly well-suited for moving fluids, such as pinpointing fluid type and entry location or understanding flow regimes, to enhance understanding of production logs in horizontal wells, according to Expro.