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FUGRO GRAVITY & MAGNETIC Services has introduced its MagCUBE technology, which enhances geomagnetic referencing by increasing the accuracy of measurement while drilling (MWD) in directional drilling applications.

MagCUBE utilises the magnetic intensity measured at the surface from an airborne, marine or land magnetic survey.  The surface magnetic data is geomagnetically referenced to the magnetic survey data measured in the wellbore to provide a finer subsurface anomaly vector, which provides a more accurate well path to avoid costly side tracks.
Geomagnetic referencing is frequently used by leading drilling companies. When enhanced by MagCUBE, it can lead to significant savings in overall project costs by:
*  Providing accurate, real-time data on well position while corrections to trajectory are still possible, minimising the need to side track; and
*  Minimising the costs of extra rig time required to run a post-drilled gyroscopic survey. 
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