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THE REGULATOR TECHNOLOGIES division of Emerson Process Management, the world’s leading supplier of pressure regulators and services for natural gas applications, has published Edition VI of its Natural Gas Technologies Pressure Regulator Application Guide.

The 752 page, 4-colour guide serves as a reference for technical applications and pressure data for Fisher®, Francel and Tartarini brand natural gas regulators and is designed to provide assistance in selecting the right pressure regulator for a broad range of applications anywhere in the world. The Application Guide provides detailed information on the principles of various products and applications such as oil and gas production, transmission, city gates/distribution, commercial/industrial, and residential.

Edition VI has a section covering the new Commercial Service Regulator Family – a highly configurable platform providing end users with lower cost of ownership in training, installation and maintenance.

Capacity tables, schematics, 3D internal views, and specification information for the CP200, CP400, CS200, CS400, and CSB400 Series regulators are included in this section.

The Natural Gas Application Guide’s comprehensive Technical section includes several new and updated sections such as Regulator Components, Principles of Direct-Operated Regulators, Principles of Pilot-Operated Regulators, Selecting and Sizing Pressure Reducing Regulators, Over Pressure Protection Methods, Principles of Relief Valves, Principles of Series Regulation and Monitor Regulators, Valve Sizing calculations, Valve Sizing, Temperature Considerations, Sulfide Stress Cracking, Conversions, Equivalents, and Physical Data. Enhanced application maps, Quick Selection Guides, and indexes make the application guide easier than ever to use. The guide is useful for engineers, maintenance technicians and supervisors, and those in purchasing or production/plant operations.