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CUDD ENERGY SERVICES, an affiliate of RPC, an Oil & Gas Services company  was recently awarded a patent for their Rack Jack® system.

The system is designed to expand the CES Hydraulic Workover service line into the drilling and completions market.  It is an alternative to traditional derrick based workover/drilling systems, both onshore and on platform and jack-up rigs.
The Rack Jack system provides an HWO unit the ability to vertically rack multiple stands (dual joints) of pipe in an integrated set-back area of the work basket.  Yielding trip speeds up to 1500 ft/hr, the racking capability reduces trip time and increases efficiencies compared to conventional HWO units. Other advantages include:
- A larger work basket along with the set-back feature which improves safety of operations by increasing work space area and reducing time under suspended loads.
- The reduced use of make-up and break-out equipment results in less fatigue and improved safety of personnel. 
- The unit’s small footprint affords more useable deck space than a traditional workover rig, making the Rack Jack the ideal candidate for operations such as managed pressure/underbalanced drilling operations, workover of deeper and high angle wells, well re-entries, tubing change-outs, fishing, side tracks and other remedial work.
- When coupled with the Cudd skidding system, it yields faster and farther inter-platform well changes, reduced well loading, higher wind tolerances and reduced dependence on the platform crane.

"This equipment is very valuable to our field personnel, as it allows them to work as safely as possible with less fatigue while on duty," said Gary Vaughan, Vice President of Special Services and HWO/Snubbing.